vitamin P
 n.— «Considering her own history of depression—Vincent had been taking “Vitamin P” (better known as Prozac) for years—she anticipated her mental health might suffer.» —“Norah Vincent spent a year disguised as a man for her last book but the experience put her in a mental institution…cue follow-up” by Chitra Ramaswamy Scotland on Sunday (Glasgow) Jan 25, 2009. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. M Mumaw says:

    I’ve heard the expression “Vitamin P” (= Prozac) since 1998 or so, mostly from Lilly pharmaceutical sales reps. Can you imagine the status a drug thought of as almost like a vitamin would achieve, especially for the company’s marketing department? I suspect that may have been where the reference originated as well. But of course that is pure conjecture…

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