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What you might not know about A Way with Words

Hello, language-lover —

A Way with Words an independent nonprofit production, which means it doesn’t get financial support from any radio network or government agency.

We do the show ourselves, from top to bottom. We make it, we ship it. We don’t work for a big corporation. We work for you.

If you already give to your local public radio station, great. You should!

But A Way with Words is different. It’s one of a handful of independent national shows on public radio. No NPR funding. Nothing from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting or from stations that air the show.

That’s right: nothing you give to your deserving station makes it back to us.

Why do we create and distribute the show for free?

Because we’re on an educational mission.

Because we’re out to change the way people think and talk about language.

Because we believe everyone should be able to hear it.

We are creating a place to tell your stories about language and share your linguistic heirlooms. We’re supporting literacy and lifelong learning. We’re supporting better human understanding by encouraging better communication.

So, yeah, we give the show away. That costs money, so we need your help.

A healthy portion of our budget is made up from donations from listeners. Some give $5, some give $100, some give more.

That money means more new episodes every year. In fact, we’re airing four more episodes this year as compared to last! Eventually, we hope to air so many new episodes that you won’t have to hear repeats.

We ask for your support. It’s time for the pitch, the ask, the exhortation. Sign on to our educational mission by supporting us with your donation. It makes a difference!


You can help support the program with PayPal at the link above or you can send your donation by postal mail:

Wayword, Inc.

P.O. Box 632721

San Diego, CA 92163

Your donation is tax-deductible and much appreciated.

Thank you very much and best wishes,

Martha and Grant

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