n.— «Foreign companies no longer have to go into joint ventures with state-owned enterprises, known as SOEs—ventures that are often fraught with problems. “In dealing with a SOE, your goals are never going to be the same, and you’re eventually going to have problems.…That’s why people today are doing wofies,” he said, using a local term for wholly foreign-owned ventures.» —“The irresistible pull of pure mass” by Paul Mooney International Herald Tribune (Paris, France) Nov. 13, 2005. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Dear moderator.
    This word also covers a concept for a WOrkshop For Innovation and Entrepeneurship developed at Aalborg University, april 2008.
    The workshop is a unique experiment involving around 700 students from 4 different faculties working in cross-disciplinary groups with the aim of creating business concepts for the challenges of the future. See: http://www.wofie.aau.dk
    best regards
    Kaare Eriksen

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