n.— «The scene where he was trying to tell Vicky Vale that he was really Batman reminded me of Mr. Mom where Keaton is trying to explain to his son that he’ll get him another “wooby.”» —“Batman (spoiler)” by billd@fps.com (Bill Davids_ on) Usenet: rec.arts.movies Dec. 2, 1989. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. kcjones007 says:

    My x-husband has a pillow he calls woobie, wooby? And we don’t know why so we decided to google it.

    He loves that pillow more than anything else on earth.
    Weird really.
    He even talks to it and cuddles it like it’s a baby. What is up with that?

    Why does wooby have such power?

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