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Kid Cheater

Kid cheater and child cheater are synonyms for spatula, because when you’re baking a cake, a spatula is so efficient for removing the remnants of a sweet mixture from a bowl that there’s little left for a kid to lick off. This is part of...

Barbecue Stoppers and Marmalade Droppers

Unless you’ve been hiding out in a galaxy far, far away, you know that this is an election year. Grant and Martha talk about current political slang. Ever hear of glass pockets? Or horseracism? Is there an etymological connection between...

Regional Foods

Have you ever eaten a Benedictine sandwich? Or savored a juicy pork steak? What’s a favorite dish you grew up with that may be mystifying to someone from another part of the country? This is part of a complete episode.


cue  n.— «All the checkpoints in the hunt for satisfying ‘cue are here.» —“Barbecue: Smokin’ out Houston’s best” by Michael Spies Houston Chronicle (Texas) July 16, 1987. (source: Double-Tongued...