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Dear friends,

Please donate now.
In just two days, 2019 will be upon us. Then, as we do every year, we will make dozens of new episodes of A Way with Words and give them away to stations and listeners.
Those episodes will be heard millions of times, and together, they’ll improve the world’s understanding of language and meaningful communication, and they’ll support a worldwide community of people who — like you — are literate thinkers and communicators.
But we can only do that because you donate. In other words, A Way with Words may be free to listen to, but it’s not free to make.
Our small and thrifty nonprofit uses listener donations to pay for studio time, an engineer, satellite and internet distribution of the audio, essential staff, and other small-business basics like an accountant and the back office.
Stations and NPR do not give money to A Way with Words. The show is completely independent of NPR and it is not a part of any station or network.
To keep the show going, we need to raise $45,000 before midnight on December 31st. It’s up to you!
Thank you, and may you have all the best in 2019.


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett
co-hosts of A Way with Words

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