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Dear friends,

We make A Way with Words for you because you’re into it.

Waaaaaay into it.

You’re interested in how language came about, why you say what you do, how it changes, what it means, and all the fun ways to play with it.

We’re all about that, too! We make the show for you because you’re our kind of people. Book people, library people, word people, language people, yes, but also knitters, truck drivers, clergy, programmers, lawyers, teachers, students… and, well, anyone who digs language and linguistics!

We ask for your support because we can’t do it without you.

The show is made by a nonprofit that receives the majority of its donations in December.

By the last day of this year, we need to raise $100,000, which makes up about 23% of next year’s budget.

Please take a minute to watch the video below and to consider what it means to support a show that normalizes a sophisticated appreciation of language. We have no apologies about our language obsession!

Support more new episodes in 2019 by making a donation to A Way with Words today. A typical gift this time of year is $75, which for most givers is tax-deductible. But even a small gift of $25 will help!

Thank you very much, and may you have the best of the season,


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett
co-hosts of A Way with Words

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