Dear friends,

These are four myths about A Way with Words that stop some people from giving to support the show. Are you one of those people?

FALSE: Martha and Grant live in the NPR mansion and share bunk beds with Terry Gross and Ira Glass and wear matching footie pajamas.

No! In fact, AWWW isn’t a part of NPR at all. It just sounds like it because stations that air a lot of NPR content also air our show. Also, somebody snores so we could never be roomies.

FALSE: NPR funds A Way with Words.

Nope! In fact, NPR gives no money to A Way with Words. It’s the other way around: we pay NPR to send the show system-wide. They’re just one of our vendors.

FALSE: A Way with Words gets money you give to your local station.

Not in the least! It’s good that you give to your local station — you always should! — but none of the money you give to your station ever goes to A Way with Words. Give to both!

FALSE: It’s just an hour of radio a week.

No way! In fact, for every hour of radio you hear, there are more than 120 hours of behind-the-scenes work. Just like any business, there’s lots to do, including responding to the public (by email, phone, and social media), working with stations, planning, preparing the show, producing, editing, bookkeeping, fundraising, live events, and lots more. As co-hosts of the show, we work full-time to do a lot of that ourselves with three other part-time people.

Now that you know the truth, why not use the secure form the right to show your support?

Thank you,


Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett
co-hosts of A Way with Words

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