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What kinds of calls?

Ask a question or tell us a tale that has anything to do with language! Relate something a child said or something your grandparents said. Express curiosity about word histories and English’s origins. Tell us about speaking a new language, speaking a dead language, learning to speak for the first time — or learning to speak again after an injury. It’s all good! Debates about usage at home or at work. Something you saw, watched, heard, or read that was unfamiliar. New words you want, new words you’ve made. Getting a handle on a language change that seems to be happening. A funny misunderstanding, a serious misunderstanding, a surprising misunderstanding. Writing, speaking, reading, books, literature, literacy, style, usage, slang, dialects, pronunciation, wordplay, dictionaries, old sayings, linguistics, sociolinguistics, colloquialisms, idioms, English as a second language, grammar, syntax, semantics, jargon, argot, archaisms, etiquette, catchphrases, handwriting, misspeaking, word puzzles, disputes, theories, debates, and more.

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