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    How it works

      The show airs at many different times around the the United States, so when you call you will hear a greeting, and then the system will record your message. We do it this way to give everyone everywhere an equal chance of getting on the show.

      Be sure to give your full name, phone number, and location. Be as detailed as possible.

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      We get thousands of calls a year, but don’t let that stop you from calling every time you think of a question. You may become one of the chosen!

      Martha, Grant, and producer Stefanie Levine also read and keep every listener email message. Include your full name, location, and how you’d like to be contacted. If we’d like to get you on the program or use your email in some other way, we’ll contact you.

      We try to respond to everyone, but because we receive many thousands of emails each year (and each year more than the last), it would take every waking hour to give a full response to each of them. If you’re impatient, ask your fellow listeners on our discussion forums.

      Even if you don’t hear back from us right away, know that we are listening to and reading everything you send. Your thoughts, opinions, and stories are all used to help plan our shows, our seasons, and to shape the whole program itself.

    What kinds of questions?

      Ask any question that has anything to do with language! Writing, speaking, reading, books, literature, literacy, style, usage, slang, dialects, pronunciation, wordplay, dictionaries, old sayings, new words, neologizing, linguistics, sociolinguistics, colloquialisms, idioms, foreign-language learning, English as a second language, grammar, syntax, semantics, jargon, argot, archaisms, etiquette, catchphrases, handwriting, misspeaking, word puzzles, disputes, theories, debates, and more. Browse recent episodes to get an idea, or better yet, just ask the question and see what happens!

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