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Loof Lirpa, the Ledendary Norwegian

Pat from Bishop, California, shares a story about a college history professor who gave a detailed lecture about a heroic Norwegian named Loof Lirpa. Only after taking extensive notes did the students realize that the professor was lecturing on the...

Episode 1548

Yak Shaving

There was a time when William Shakespeare was just another little seven-year-old in school. Classes in his day were demanding — and all in Latin. A new book argues that this rigorous curriculum actually nurtured the creativity that later flourished...

Palate vs. Palette

Need a mnemonic to remember difference between the spelling of the palate in your mouth and an artist’s palette? Associate the one in your mouth with the past tense of the verb to eat. This is part of a complete episode.


The German word for “mnemonic device” is Eselsbrücke, or literally, “donkey bridge.” This is part of a complete episode.

World Schooling

Some parents take homeschooling a step further with world-schooling, or educating children through shared travel experiences. This is part of a complete episode.