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More Names for a Dad-Focused Baby Shower

Listeners respond to our discussion about what to call a baby shower for the dad-to-be, suggesting Huggies and chuggies, beer shower, beer for diapers, diaper kegger, baby boot camp, and Baby Fat Tuesday. This is part of a complete episode.


eatertain  v.— «Kessler spends a lot of time meeting with (often anonymous) consultants who describe how they are trying to fashion products that offer what’s become known in the food industry as “eatertainment.” Fat, sugar, and salt turn...


surgiversary  n.— «Today is exactly one year from my surgery. (I refuse to refer to it as a “surgiversary.” It’s just not me.)» —“What a Year It’s Been” by thefatblackdog The Fat Black Dog Mar. 26...