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Hang Fire

An office worker in Indianapolis is mystified when a British colleague sends an email telling her to hang fire. It has to do with faulty firearms. This is part of a complete episode.

soap bullet

soap bullet  n.— «In addition to the two decade old laser tag systems, the more expensive Simunitions are also being used. These are low powered, paintball bullets. Users often refer to them as “soap bullets.”» —“The Sting...


gun-grabber  n.— «I read in the paper that John Kerry was out goose hunting trying to convince gun owners he isn’t a gun grabber. If Americans fall for that lie, our goose is cooked. Kerry has never had a positive vote for America’s gun...


gun-grabber  n.— «Davis, 54, got a TNT-like retirement gift from one right-wing newspaper. Atop a story announcing that Davis was going, the paper’s headline cried, with utmost objectivity: “Chief Gun-Grabber Retires...


gun-grabber n. a person who advocates gun control. Editorial Note: This term is common in the United States among members of the National Rifle Association. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


gun-grabber  n.— «In a perfect world the NRA wouldn’t have to be spending so much of your money to hold the pack of rabid gun-grabbers at bay.» —“The Third Option” The Proponent (Columbus, Ohio) Sept., 1995...