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Episode 1532

Off the Turnip Truck

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when people disagreed over the best word to use when answering the phone. Alexander Graham Bell suggested answering with ahoy! but Thomas Edison was partial to hello! A fascinating new book about...

Onion Snow

In parts of Pennsylvania, a late-spring dusting of light snow is called onion snow. It’s a reference to the way little green onion shoots are poking through the white. This is part of a complete episode.

hoop house

hoop house  n.— «They hope to add a hoop house, or unheated greenhouse, later this year to extend the growing season at their farm-garden on Detroit’s east side, where they grow collards, lettuce, okra, green beans and peppers...


cabbage  n.— «The most common surgeries used to be tonsillectomy and hysterectomy. Today it’s Cardiac Bypass or “cabbage” in doctor speak, which ironically is the result of not eating any.» —“Big Fat Liars” by Al...

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