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We have the results!

Help support A Way with Words broadcasts and podcasts by making a donation now. Dear friends, Last week we sent out a simple survey to tens of thousands of A Way with Words listeners and fans. Our goal: to find out your consensus on the state of the...

Podcasting and Netcasts

The word podcasting is commonly used to refer to making podcasts, but it’s also used by some as the verb for listening to, downloading, or listening to podcasts. The language around podcasts has always been tricky since the format was released...

Season and Sea Change

The first of two podcasts this week includes a special message to A Way with Words podcast listeners. Also, Martha answers a listener’s email about the term sea change. Or is it C change?

Salted and Reset

Oyez, oyez! All rise for another newsletter from "A Way with Words"! We took another listen to an episode concerning "orient" vs. "orientate," "sockdologizing," and "my dogs are barking." Hear it...

Dangerous Books You Should Read

Howdy, pilgrims! This week in the A Way with Words podcast, discover the joys (and temptations!) of two new books of collected wisdom: "The Yale Book of Quotations" edited by Fred Shapiro, and James Geary's "Guide to the...


 n.— «Even Playboy offers podcasts, or as they call it, “bodcasts.”» —“As you like it” by Aleks Tapinsh The Truth (Elkhart, Ind.) Feb. 4, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)