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Tarzan of the Flowerpot

If you want to describe people who have an overly high opinion of themselves, here’s some handy Spanish slang: In Argentina, you might describe such a person as Tarzán de maceta, or “Tarzan of the flowerpot.” You might also call...

You Bet Your Sweet Bippy

Why do some puns strike us as clever, while others are plain old groaners? Martha and Grant puzzle over this question. Also, the difference between baggage and luggage, a royal word quiz, the “egg” in egg on, what to call someone who...

Tarzan Pun

Martha springs another pun on Grant: Knock-knock. Who’s there? Tarzan. Tarzan who? “Tarzan Stripes Forever.” This is part of a complete episode.

Finnigan pin

Finnigan pin  n.— «It seems they wanted to remove my carbon and install new Finnigan pins all around and now I’m so healthy I’ve got Johnny Weissmuller scared striped about his Tarzan work.» —“Psst…Here’s That Man...