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Don’t Get Swindled

A Dallas man says his father, who served in Vietnam, signed letters back home to the family with the phrase “don’t take any wooden nickels.” The hosts explain that this expression means “don’t let anyone swindle you...

Cumshaw Artists

A Seattle-area veteran remembers that in Vietnam he and others like him were known as cumshaw artists. They were the guys who scared up and “permanently borrowed” whatever their unit needed— gasoline, vehicle parts, or whiskey for a...

Almost Up to Possible

We recommend books that make great gifts for language lovers, talk about footwear called go-aheads, and look further into going commando. Also, was the 2008 election a historic event or an historic event?

shaky Pete syndrome

shaky Pete syndrome  n.— «Frank said that also cigarettes were used in place of marijuana at times because they too calmed the men down from the reality that faced them each day. Even with these so-called “stabilities,” some...

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