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 n.— «WPXI news director Corrie Harding acknowledged there’s a term for teasing stories that don’t deliver: “anticipointment.” “If we make a story sound like the second coming and tease it four times and it’s really nothing by the time we get there” that leads to anticipointment, Harding said. Stations don’t set out to aggravate viewers, but as WTAE news director Bob Longo notes, TV is also a business.» —“Tuned In: TV news directors listen, learn from viewer gripes” by Rob Owen Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania) Apr. 25, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • I heard of this word late last year on Australian TV. The children’s show ‘Rollercoaster’ has a segment for ‘made up’ words and this word was submitted by a child viewer.

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