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Hitler weather

Hitler weather
 n.Note: Discussed in American Speech vol. 21, no. 1 (Feb., 1946), pp. 76-77, and vol. 22, no. 1 (Feb., 1947), pp. 74-75. «Amid the brilliant sunshine which Germans call “Hitler weather”—they used to call it “Kaiser weather”—the Führer rumbled off to Danzig in a six-wheeled juggernaut staff car, followed by two Gestapo cars in which guards sat fingering new-style German repeater rifles.» —“GERMANY: Seven Years War?” Time Oct. 2, 1939. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Thanks for posting this quotation, (from no less mainstream a publication than TIME)… I had read a biography of Hitler when I was a young man, and recalled that the weather was said to have seemingly cooperated with the [clearly evil, likely demon-possessed, and generally negative] man Hitler to the extent that uncannily nice weather seemed to attend his speeches, etc.

    I had just told a (slightly recovering-liberal?) friend that “the best predictor of COLD weather seemed to be the arrival of Al Gore to speak at an event or venue.”

    I’d commented further at the time, that this seemed to be the opposite of an effect known as “Hitler Weather,” and related what Hitler Weather was. I noted to him, further, that it seemed better for one’s soul, to me, to have one’s errors publicly judged or at least ridiculed by God, (whom I feel, often, controls the weather (as in the case of Christ calming the sea) (and as in the case of Gore, and the 15 year COOLING trend we’re in) than for an individual to remain deceived, and TOTALLY remain in one’s sin, like was the case, until Germany fell, with Hitler.

    I Binged “Hitler Weather” this a.m., instead of getting off in a timely manner to pressure wash, just to BE SURE I was not blowing smoke RE: telling my friend that there was a phenomenon once known as “Hitler Weather.”

  • I believe that God has ultimate control over weather, from the time of the flood until Christ calmed the sea, and into the present. Thanks for quoting TIME, and confirming to me that I DID read an accurate account, in a Hitler biography, of the phenomenon of clear wonderful weather on occasion of Hitler speeches, etc., being called “Hitler Weather.”

    From the point of view of their souls, I feel it bodes much better for Al Gore that his speeches / appearances are often attended by the COLDEST weather on record, than it does for Hitler, who apparently remained under a strong and persistent delusion until, I suppose, the day he took his own, and Eva’s, lives. May we, as a nation, avoid any strong and persistent delusion, today.

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