Joshua generation
 n.— «Obama continued his address in Selma, calling his current era the Joshua generation, in line with Biblical account, standing on the shoulders of their predecessors.» —“Obama makes his case for being ‘Black enough’” by Gordon Jackson Louisiana Weekly (New Orleans) Mar. 19, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Hi there,

    Surfing and caught this expression “Joshua Generation”.

    It reminded me of a Dos software prog I believe was named Dictionary Generator or something very close.

    This is totally off the wall, but I’m hopeful that you or one of your readers could help me out.

    Back in Win 95 days that little utility was passed around by homeschooling parents. It read a textfile and exported a wordlist. It also could match two textfiles and report the words not matched in both files or lists.

    I recall that it was a freebie, written by a young lad in England, I believe, as a school project.

    I have lost all track of this over the past decade. Now, while doing missionary work in Southeast Asia with elementary kids learning English, I could really use that utility again, in preparing the children’s Bible study lessons, focusing on new English vocabulary in each storybook.

    My surfing research indicates that similarly functioning and highly sophisticated commercial software is available for $200 ~ $500, which is completely out of the question for me, or the church officials.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction ? Perhaps a low-cost utility is out there somewhere.

    I would be grateful, of course.

  2. Steve,

    My guess is that it comes from the Bible. In the Exodus, when Israel sent spies into “the land,” most of them came back with reports of giants, etc., and that for the children’s sake, they couldn’t take it on; Joshua and Caleb alone believed God enough to have good courage. God told Moses that Israel would have to wander until there were none of that generation left to enter the land; only Joshua and Caleb of that generation, and the children of those people who balked, would survive to enter. God wouldn’t let Moses enter, either, for a major disobedience, but Moses met the Lord, along with Elijah, on the mount of the Transfiguration. “Joshua Generation,” in a secular application, suggests to me the generation of those who look ahead with courage.

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