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Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

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When adults are talking sex, money, or other adult topics in the presence of children, one might say little pitchers have big ears, meaning that they don’t want the little ones to hear. The expression has to do with beverage pitchers with handles curved like human ears, not with baseball pitchers or painted pictures. What do you say when you wish you could cover the kids’ ears or make them leave the room? This is part of a complete episode.

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  • I’d never heard this saying before but I love it! And then, after watching A Christmas Story for the upteenth time this year, I noticed that the mom actually says in a sing-songy voice to the notoriously foul-mouthed dad “Little pitchers…” In all my viewings of the film, I’ve never caught that line before! It probably just never registered because I wasn’t familiar with the saying. I’m quite tickled with my newfound knowledge of sayings thanks to the podcast. Cheers!

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