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monkey shit
 n.— «Back in my Navy days, working in Aft Engine Room on an repair ship, we had lots of cables (electric wires) running around—and passing thru bulkheads and into junction boxes, etc. At each point they passed into or thru something there was a tube or pipe that supported and protected the cable. The Electrician’s Mates would then pack “monkey sh-t” into the tube, around the cable—waterproofing and securing the cable(s) in the tube.» —“T&T: “Monkey Sh-t”” by Michael Bragg Google Groups: Trawlers & Trawlering Nov. 28, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • Well, Mike, I don’t think I ever saw a brand name on the cans of M.S; they were o.d. with the mil specs and FSX’s printed on in black. This stuff was seriously sticky both in cohesion and adhesion ways. We used it in submarines (not for pressure hulls or compartments) – that was HY 80 steel. We used it in diving as well to protect salt sensitive parts. Good stuff – I will check out the Pug Duct Seal to see if its the same disgusting looking stuff.

  • Mike – checked out Pug and Peco – different critters altogether – M.S. was sort of o.d. coloured – sort of greenish brown or brownish green – no discernable scent other than faintly petroleum-like. A fine product – perhaps more like cosmoline?

  • I had a lot of fun with that one. The correct terminology for ordering that in the Navy is, and was, “Compound, Stuffing Tube”.

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