Five guys walk into a diner. One orders a toad in the hole, another the gashouse eggs, the third gets eggs in a basket, the next orders a hole in one, and the last fellow gets spit in the ocean. What does each wind up with? The same thing! Although toad in the hole can refer to a sausage-in-Yorkshire pudding dish, it’s also among the many names for a good old-fashioned slice of bread with a hole in it, fried with an egg in that hole, including one-eyed jack and pirate’s eye. This is part of a complete episode.

  1. jeffm says:

    I’ve run into yet another name for this dish…Guy Kibbee eggs! It apparently comes from a scene in a 1930’s movie in which that well known character actor prepared them. The eggs are referred to on his Wikipedia page, and I’ve also found a blog page on the subject which contains a comment from Kibbee’s great-grandson:

  2. Mike LaForge says:

    My Dad called this a “Midnight Boogie”. No idea why.

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