nightstand Buddhist
 n.— «One in four Americans ages 18 to 29 say they are not affiliated with a religion, according to the survey. Many in this age group—whom Smith teaches at Ripon College—he refers to as “nightstand Buddhists.” They keep a Buddhist statue on their nightstand, he said, read Buddhist text because they like the message, but do not practice the religion.» —“Keeping the faith? More people look inward to find peace” by Amie Jo Schaenzer Fond du Lac Report (Wisconsin) May 7, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Jak King says:

    I’d have to find references, but this sounds like what we used to call “West Coast Buddhists” from some time in the 70s, I’d say. The reference would be to the various Buddhist and other esoteric spiritual retreats established in California. Many of them pursued a rather less rigid path to dharma than would be recognised by Gautama.

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