n.— «The notion of plotting evil in secret prompted Mr Stuart Hansman, of Cronulla, to write to Dr W.S.Ramson, editor of the Australian National Dictionary. He felt that there was a huge potential for good in practising the opposite of a conspiracy, that is, a meeting of two or more people to achieve worthy objectives. He could not think of an English word to cover this. He put forward the idea of prospire, prospiracy and prospirator.» —“Guilty Parties” Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Mar. 11, 1989. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. I would like to have people , around the world , starting to use the new words “PROSPIRACY” -“PROSPIRE’ and “PROSPIRATOR”.

    I am in the twilight stage of my life [71]and therefore it would be encouraging to see a potentially “good” Word replace a “bad” word -“CONSPIRE/ETC/ETC !”-in both deed and action.
    Any thoughts from like-minded “colleagues”?
    Let’s Go
    Stuart Hansman

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