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We’ve come a long way!

In 2007, the public media organization that created A Way with Words had a problem.

They loved our show but a deep recession meant the station couldn’t afford to keep producing it.

So they canceled it.

That could have been the end of A Way with Words.

But Grant and I still believed so much in the educational mission that, along with our producer Stefanie, we formed a nonprofit to continue the radio show and podcast and to distribute them free of charge.

Call us idealistic, but you showed us you wanted to learn about language and connect with fellow word-lovers.

You assured us you were hungry for thoughtful conversations about word histories, grammar, and slang.

You wanted a place to share your linguistic heirlooms and feed your intellectual curiosity.

No, starting a nonprofit while producing a radio show full-time wasn’t easy. Not at all.

But you know what? Through sacrifice and hard work, and your help, our little nonprofit has produced the show for nearly 10 years. Independently, we’ve produced 248 new episodes.

It’s a success story that’s largely due to the generosity of listeners like you.

And now we can’t wait to get started on our next 248 episodes!

That’s where you can help. Make a gift today to ensure that we can keep bringing you even more new episodes throughout the coming year.

 With gratitude,
Martha Barnette
co-host of A Way with Words
PS: You can also send your donations by mail to:
    Wayword, Inc., P.O. Box 632721, San Diego, CA 92163


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