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Media Materials

This page is for media outlets, reporters, journalists, event managers, stations, and other people who may be writing about the program or its personnel.

How to Refer to the Program

• A good short description of the show is: “A Way with Words is a call-in public radio show about language. It’s heard across the country and around the world by broadcast and podcast.”

A Way with Words is a nationwide public radio show, but it’s not an NPR show because NPR does not own, operate, produce, or distribute the program. So, it should NOT be described as “NPR’s A Way with Words.” You can call it “public radio’s A Way with Words.”

• We prefer to lowercase the “with” in the name, but if your copyeditor says differently, we’re fine with that.

• The show is a radio show that is also distributed as a podcast, so it should not only be called a podcast.

Photos and Bios

You are free to use any of these photos, under the condition that you tell us about the use right away. Chimeric mashups and head swaps using these photos must be made into glossy giclée prints and mailed to us.

• Hi-res photos of Martha and Grant together. Click on the images for the largest size.

(Download a PSD file of this photo.)

A good short biography:

Martha Barnette is a journalist, author of several books on language, and co-host of A Way with Words, a national radio program about language.

A good short biography:

Grant Barrett is a dictionary editor and linguist specializing in slang and new words, and co-host of A Way with Words, a national radio program about language.


These A Way with Words logos are yours to use when writing about A Way with Words or including the show in your website, event program, document, or presentation.

Logo with transparent background, yellow (#f5e139) layer. 960 x 361 300 ppi Photoshop. 580K

Logo with transparent background. 960 x 361 72 ppi PNG. 151K

Logo with yellow (#f5e139) background. 960 x 361 72 ppi JPG. 159K

Logo with white background. 960 x 361 72 ppi JPG. 117K

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