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A Few Pickles Short of a Jar

“A few pickles short of a jar,” “a few peas short of a casserole,” “two French fries short of a Happy Meal”—this week, Martha and Grant discuss these and other full-deckisms, those clever ways to describe someone...

Georgia ice cream

Georgia ice cream  n.— «Rogers merely shifted the ideas that worked at Toddle House, such as waffles with pecans, into the Waffle House concept. He always served lots of grits, which Rogers likes to call “Georgia ice cream...


 n.— «The pure cream foal with piercing blue eyes is what is known as a cremello.» —“Rare cream foal ‘a special boy’” BBC News (United Kingdom) June 11, 2008. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

ice cream plant

ice cream plant  n.— «There are certain ice cream plants, as we like to call them, that camels focus on and they probably have the ability to possibly eliminate some of the species from particular areas.» —“The World Today; Amorous...

self-licking ice cream cone

self-licking ice cream cone  n.— «The “self-licking ice cream cone” that is the Congress of the United States prevents the closure of redundant factories and is satisfied by minor reforms, such as procuring a few items “off the shelf...

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