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In a previous episode, we wondered how U-turn might translate in different languages. One listener explains that in Hebrew, drivers make a horseshoe or a hoof-turn. This is part of a complete episode.


A woman in Racine, Wisconsin, says her father and his fellow bus drivers always pronounced the word schedule as “skeh-DOO-lee.” Is that an accepted pronunciation? This is part of a complete episode.


jet-pooling  n.— «Teams will build their own cars and engines, with or without manufacturer support. They’ll do it with even fewer employees and fewer sponsors. Drivers will park their fancy motorhomes and private planes and share flights...


motor  n.— «Officer Santos is one of 72 motorcycle officers assigned to traffic enforcement in the city. In part, because of that large number of motors, as they’re called, injury collisions involving Fresno drivers have dropped almost 30%...


dually  n.— «Pickup Trucks—Here there are two kinds, which are very different. Full size (also dually and 4X4).» —“Re: List of Drivers to Avoid (WARNING – long)” by Pete Bellas Usenet: net.auto Feb. 5, 1986...

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