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ego ramp

ego ramp  n.— «We’ve got an oval thrust stage, and there’s people inside it in a type of pit. Then when Guns goes on, they cover it up and he has got his ego ramp to go out on. So it worked out pretty good.» —“Guns N’ Roses and...

ego ramp

ego ramp  n.— «A 10-hour construction project had begun to erect a new, island-like stage from which President Bush will deliver his acceptance speech tonight surrounded by delegates. It will be the first such use of an island or arena...

ego ramp

ego ramp n. a proscenium, catwalk, runway, or stage spur which extends into or over an audience. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

dementia americana

dementia americana  n.— «The County court met Monday to pass on the sanity of Tony Hood. In the court’s opinion the case was found to be a bona fide case of insanity, unalloyed with “Dementia Americana” exaggerated ego or any...

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