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Fair Game Origins

The term fair game, meaning someone or something that’s a legitimate target for criticism derives from old laws governing the hunting of wildlife. This is part of a complete episode.

Who is Chester Drawers?

Some of the world’s most famous writers had to support themselves with day jobs. Martha and Grant discuss well-known authors who toiled away at other trades. Also this week Eskimo kisses, the frozen Puerto Rican treat called a limber, how the...

Beltway Slang

Todd Purdum’s recent Vanity Fair article on the presidency contains intriguing beltway slang, including gaggle and full lid. This is part of a complete episode.


pureplay  n.— «The songwriters, recording companies and performers who own the rights to these recordings feel they should be compensated since many Internet radio stations make money simply by playing music without live hosts, news...


sad  adj.— «For Cathy Riddle, another Appalachian Fair champion who uses White Lily for everything from green tomato bread to “sad” dumplings (the kind with a chewy center), the selling point is consistent good results.» —“Biscuit...