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Attraction Abbreviations

In Washington, DC, National Park Service employees refer to Ford’s Theater as FOTH, Peterson House as PEHO, and the Washington Monument as WAMO. This is part of a complete episode.

Episode 1371

On the Shoe Phone

First names like “Patience,” “Hope,” and “Charity” are inspired by worthy qualities. But how about “Be-courteous” or “Hate-evil”? The Puritans sometimes gave children such names hoping that...

Hawaii Five-0

Is the TV show Hawaii Five-0 named for Ford Mustang 5.0 engines in police cruisers? No, and it’s correctly typed with a zero instead of the letter “O.” This is part of a complete episode.

cash for clunkers

cash for clunkers  n.— «He also said he supported proposals that provided “generous” tax credits to owners who turn in older models for fuel-efficient new cars. Such programs are dubbed “cash for clunkers...


retime  v.— «Other programs are on hold; only the Cruze and Chevy Volt are proceeding at cash-strapped GM, while replacements for the 300C and Dodge Charger exist at Chrysler only as design studies for now and a number of vehicles ready to...