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 n.— «Rodbuster climbs reinforcing bars at YST pit.» —“Steel Giants Growing” Hammond Times (Indiana) Sept. 25, 1966. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


goat-rope  n.— «Any team good enough to get this far comes in fully aware that for several morning hours every day you will have to endure a media goat rope.» —“Giants To Beat Broncos: Simms Is Pressure-Proof” by Randy...


moneyball  n.— «While you were still rooting for your team for no reason more profound than it was your team, they changed the rules on you. The Dodgers and Giants split for the Coast, sharpies like George Steinbrenner bought into the...

filthy stuff

filthy stuff  n.— «Other than a pitcher with “filthy stuff,” as they say in dugout parlance, nothing can kill a hitting streak like over-analysis.» —“Giants take over 1st” by John Crowley Examiner (San...