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Washington Monument

Washington Monument  n.— «In budgeting parlance, a “Washington Monument” is a popular program or facility singled out for budget cuts precisely because of its popularity. The term seems to have its origins in the U.S. Park...

tin medal

tin medal  n.— «The prize of a gold medal for the best female skater was award to Miss Mamie McElwee, and the prize of a tin medal for the poorest male skater was given, in a joke, to a young gentleman who really skates excellently well...


 n.— «Phoneslaughter? Felony Charges in Distracted Driving Case.» —“Nevada: Landmark ‘Phone Slaughter’ Case” by Slimpickins Usenet: alt.true-crime Apr. 16, 2001. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

Yankee dime

Yankee dime  n.— «When the boys and girls husked corn together and the boys hustled like the very mischief to get the first red ear—wonder why?—and then attended the girls home from these husking bees and night singings, bidding them good...


parkitecture  n.— «It’s the first example of what came to be called “parkitecture.” That means it’s designed to blend in with its surroundings, made almost entirely of logs and stones obtained locally at Yellowstone...

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