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hot money

hot money  n.— «Rather than simply wooing local customers, they have turned to out-of-state brokers who deliver billions of dollars in bulk deposits, widely known as “hot money,” from investors nationwide. In fast-growing regions like this...

fossil group

fossil group  n.— «All that dark matter makes astronomers think that NGC 1132 grew up through the mergers of many smaller galaxies in an entire group, drawn in by the dark matter. That’s why the galaxy is sometimes called a “fossil...

high touch

high touch  adj.— «“If we go high tech, we’re also going to go high touch,” he said, referring to what he said would be an increased contact between pupil and teacher.» —“Alexandria Proposes Elementary Magnet School in...


 n.— «Create a “wienie” [visual magnet].» —“Martin A. Sklar” Walt Disney Company Apr. 4, 2003. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


tip-on n. a promotional item, such as a magnet or game piece, affixed to the cover of a publication. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)