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Word of the Year Candidates

What’s your choice for the word or phrase that best captures the zeitgeist of 2010? Grant shares some of his “word of the year” candidates, including refudiate, mama grizzly, starwhacker, and of course, vuvuzela. This is part of a...

paladin gun

paladin gun  n.— «But all three men are in jobs that have great potential for putting them in harm’s way. Charles loads artillery shells in what is known as a paladin gun.» —“Iredell’s brothers in arms” by Jim...

Joe the Plumber

Martha nominates another Word of the Year candidate: Joe the, as in “Joe the Plumber,” and subsequent variations on the “X the Y” formula arising from a certain drain-fixer’s quarter-hour of fame. This is part of a...


jackass v. to do something by brute force or by human power; to travel a circuitous route or itinerary. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)