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What Do Twins Cultivate? Or Mimes?

On our Facebook group, listeners are playfully crowdsourcing what people in different professions might punningly plant. For example, what kind of fruit tree might twins cultivate? What type of flower might be planted by a professional mime? This is...

What Does a Clockmaker Plant?

On our Facebook group, members are jokingly linking professions with plants in the garden: What kind of herb might a clockmaker grow? This is part of a complete episode.

Where the Baker Jumped Through

On our Facebook group, listeners discuss jocular explanations for air holes in bread, such as That’s where the baker jumped through, and That’s where the baker crawled through, and for a really big hole, That’s where the baker and...

Social Distancing and Pandemic Haiku

After our conversation about artist Alan Nakagawa’s project featuring haiku about social distancing, listeners share some poetry of their own. This is part of a complete episode.

A Haiku for Hard Work

A haiku by Sofia, a 14-year-old in Towball, Texas, celebrates her family members’ hard work during a challenging time. This is part of a complete episode.