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A native of Southern Pennsylvania has always used the term macadam in place of asphalt. Martha traces the word from an old gravel road to the modern day tarmac. This is part of a complete episode.

underperforming asphalt

underperforming asphalt  n.— «In auto-dependent suburbs that were built without a traditional center, shopping malls offer the chance to create downtowns without destroying existing infrastructure, by recycling what’s known as...

whisper grinding

whisper grinding  n.— «Caltrans instead is considering a technique called “whisper grinding” to make the concrete on I-5 quieter.» —“Green approach produces quiet streets” by Dave Downey North County...


concretable n. a modular, portable building made of concrete. Editorial Note: A “concretable” is a type of “relocatable,” which is a modular, portable building made of any material. Etymological Note: concrete + portable...