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Spendthrift Snollygosters

This week, it’s the language of politics. Martha and Grant discuss two handy terms describing politicians: far center and snollygoster. Also, a presidential word puzzle, false friends, spendthrifts, and a long list of 17th-century insults. So...

Thrifty and Spendthrift

Careful about how you spend your money? Then you’re said to be “thrifty.” So why is someone who isn’t frugal called a spendthrift? This is part of a complete episode.


FAKO  n.— «Non-FICO credit scores are sometimes dimissively referred to as “FAKO” scores.» —“10 things you must know about credit reports and credit scores” by Jeremy M. Simon CreditCards.com Apr. 20...


POD  n.— «The mother can designate beneficiaries of the account who will receive the monies in the account upon her death. These accounts are often called “Payable on Death,” or “POD” accounts. They operate similar...


wearaway  n.— «There has been a constant battle over freezing some older workers pension benefits since IBM ran afoul of its senior workers in 1999. That fight may be over as the U.S. Treasury has now issued a ruling that determined that...

scratch and dent loan

scratch and dent loan n. a loan or mortgage that has become a risky debt investment, especially one secured with minimal documentation or made by a borrower who has missed payments. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)