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cocktail  n.— «Two guards I spoke with had numerous years of service, and each said Camp Delta was the most stressful assignment of their careers. One told me that each day, detainees throw bodily waste at him. Guards have coined names for...


skeet  v.— «I do believe that “skeet” is in reference to ejaculation.  the multiple “skeets” is to mimic the multiple sprays a penis will make if enough semen is available.» —“skeet skeet...


skeet v. to ejaculate. Also n., semen, male ejaculate. Also used as a reduplicated interjection: skeet skeet! (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)


sperm-washing  n.— «In addition to adoption, there is a method called sperm-washing that can be used in such circumstances. While the virus is present in semen, it does not exist in sperm. Through this process, the semen and the sperm are...