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Off Like a Dirty Shirt

“We’re off like a dirty shirt” indicates the speaker is “leaving right away” or “commencing immediately.” Similar phrases include “off like a prom dress” and “off like a bride’s...

Bacon Collar

When you forget to put those plastic stays in your collar before you wash a dress shirt, the curled-up result is what some folks call bacon collar. This is part of a complete episode.

Listeners’ Oxymorons

Some listeners are madly in love with oxymorons, and they continue to share their favorites. One listener has a great T-shirt that reads “An oxymoron a day keeps reality away.” Another says his favorite oxymoron is “Dodge Ram...

Defining -Ish

“I’ll be there at three-ish.” “That shirt is bluish.” “It wasn’t a house— but it was house-ish.” OK, but what in the world does ish mean, exactly? This is part of a complete episode.


nakation  n.— «In 2007, nude recreation represented a $440 million industry—up from $400 million in 2001 and $200 million in 1992—and it’s still growing, says the American Association for Nude Recreation, which promotes au natural...

make it rain

make it rain  v. phr.— «If that’s not enough, showoffs at Rehab have developed a custom that they call making it rain. “They drop $100 bills from the cabanas up above,” Mr. Pallas says, “and watch the crowd down below go crazy. We have a...

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