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Episode 1412

Buckle Down

It’s time for book recommendations! Martha’s enjoying an armchair tour of important places in the history of our language, and Grant recommends relaxing with books that make great reading for both children and adults. Plus, are you the...

Panking Down

To pank, as in to pank down snow for skiing or pank down hair with Aqua Net, is a common term heard in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This is part of a complete episode.

Skiing Yard Sale

Skiing is fun until you wipe out, flinging two skis, two poles, and perhaps your lunch, all over the place. They call that a yard sale. This is part of a complete episode.

backyard syndrome

backyard syndrome  n.— «The early-March snowstorm that creamed the Eastern seaboard largely missed Vermont’s big skiing areas. But resort operators were delighted nevertheless, because the storm whetted the appetite of all those coastal...

yo-yo skiing

yo-yo skiing  n.— «Last night, the bus driver asked us where we lived, which led to a lively conversation about skiing, his many ski visits to Snowmass (which he enjoyed), his condo at Snowbird in Utah and what he referred to as “yo-yo...

storm trooping

storm trooping  n.— «The storm blew in right over our heads from the west. Skiing in light jackets over T-shirts in the morning, we were what the locals call “storm trooping” by the end of the day.» —“When good snow goes...