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Stitch in your Side

The stitch in your side that results from laughing goes back to the thousand-year-old use of the verb stitch to refer to a sewing needle poking through something. This is part of a complete episode.

Chicken Scratch and Creaky Voice

Whoa, hey! It's another newsletter from Martha and Grant, hosts of "A Way with Words." How's your handwriting? Penmanship is one of the things we talked about on our latest episode, as well as "creaky voice" (kind of the...

Last-Ditch Effort

A husband and wife ask for wisdom about a long-running dispute: Is it last-stitch effort or last-ditch effort? This is part of a complete episode.


scrumbling  n.— «Some people refer to it as scrumbling and others call it freeform crochet and knitting.…Free form crochet is a modular technique. The image above is an example of what the scrumbles look like before they are...