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In a previous episode, we wondered how U-turn might translate in different languages. One listener explains that in Hebrew, drivers make a horseshoe or a hoof-turn. This is part of a complete episode.

U-Turn in Other Languages

If you’re driving and need to turn 180 degrees, you make a U-turn. But what do you make if you speak a language that doesn’t include the letter “U”? If you’re a Hindi speaker, what do you call wearing a V-neck sweater...

U-turn transaction

U-turn transaction  n.— «Iranian banks and other institutions could previously send transactions through US banks as long as they were initiated by a non-Iranian or American bank outside the US and ended in a non- Iranian or American bank...

Michigan left turn

Michigan left turn  n.— «Drivers leaving Wal-Mart will be prohibited from taking a left onto U.S. 17 and instead will have to execute what’s known as a “Michigan left turn.” This requires drivers to make a right turn from the...