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Tons of UFO Snot

The documentary The Palindromists includes a scene with author, actor, and devoted palindrome constructor Danica McKellar showing off her favorite reversible creation: Tons of UFO snot. This is part of a complete episode.


flap  n.— Note: Perhaps related to the noun meaning of flap, “a state of agitation; a panic.” «His face lit up when he talked about a “flap,” a term used to describe a large number of UFO reports, one March sometime...


SETI-ologist  n.— «Cause SETI is NOT interested in UFO anyway, and SETI-ologist does not believe in your imagination.» —“UFO, USfS, URSfS, UTfS” Usenet: pl.sci.kosmos.seti Oct. 11, 2000. (source: Double-Tongued...

space grass

space grass  n.— «A field researcher has also donated a rare sample of what UFOlogists refer to as “space grass.” “The sample I have comes from a sighting that occurred in 1973 in Westmoreland County,” he said...

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