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Polar Words

A conversation with a leading expert on polar bears has Martha thinking about several bear-related words, including the term arctic and the feminine name Ursula. This is part of a complete episode.

sleep on someone

sleep on someone  v. phr.— «“I enjoy being slept on,” DeVaughn told Billboard, referring to industry slang for people not quite being aware of an artist and his music yet. “It’s like being on the verge of a cult movement. But...


he-vage  n.— «The question is: how much of his chest—or “he-vage”—should a man reveal when he’s wearing a shirt?» —“How much he-vage should a man show?” by Ursula Hirschkorn Daily Mail (United...


eve-teasing  n.— «To snatch a girl’s dupatta is one of the forms of “eve-teasing” which occurs on many a school bus.» —“Women and Their Affines: The Veil as a Symbol of Separation” by Ursula M...