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eye-wreck  n.— «After 9-1-1 one of the first things we should have done was secure the borders of this country,not go to trashcanistan and meddle with a bunch of savages. Look at eye-wreck, what a fucken mess.» —“GOP May Challenge...


Yorkal  n.— «York students created a new word for pencil, revealed at Friday’s assembly: Yorkal.» —“In Our Schools: Master one language, invent another” by Howard Buck The Columbian (Clark County,  Wash...

Whole Paycheck

Whole Paycheck  n.— «What Whole Foods isn’t known for is offering bargain prices. Some critics have been known to refer to the chain as “Whole Paycheck.”» —“Eastside food fight—Whole Foods prepares to open Bellevue...


 n.— «L-E-O: Law enforcement officer.» —“Slang used by the Rainbow Family” Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Wash.) July 3, 2004. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)