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dry powder

dry powder  n.—Gloss: Capital readily available for investment. «Capital available for secondary deals—what the industry calls dry powder—is about $12 to $15 billion, said Small, whose company manages some $4.2 billion of secondaries...

magic-wand bill

magic-wand bill  n.— «This is the kind of bill that is often called a magic-wand bill—something that’s one thing, is something else just because we say it is.…Any kind of laws that disregard the reality of the situation is worrisome...


marker  n.— «That’s a good thing, too, as high-end guns, or “markers” in paintball parlance, can fire a projectile up to 300 feet per second.» —“Fort Dodge-based paintball team is ‘all about safety'” by Jesse...

nuclear blindness

nuclear blindness  n.— «Add to this the rise of truly intercontinental ballistic missile delivery of nuclear weapons, and the stage was set for what I have termed “nuclear blindness” and defined as “the tunnel vision...


 n.— «The platoons of Weapons Company are often referred to as “whiskey.”» —“Sgt. Donal Wyckoff” The Day (New London, Connecticut) July 19, 2006. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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