A game making the rounds online involves adding the ending -ing to movie titles, resulting in clever new plots. For example, on our Facebook group, one member observed that The Blair Witch Project becomes The Blair Witch Projecting, “in which high-schooler Blair Witch reads too much into the inflection of her friends’ words.” This is part of a complete episode.

11 Responses

  1. Heimhenge says:

    I’ll play. How about Indiana Jonesing: The continuing quest of a panhandler from Indianapolis.

  2. EmmettRedd says:

    Gone with the Winding about a worker killed in a spinning machine accident.

    Goldfingering–an expensive middle finger salute.

  3. deaconB says:

    Star Trekking – the Enterprise runs out of gas and Kirk has to walk to a Dilithium station.

    Planet of the Aping – where everypne makes fun pf others’ mannrisms

    The Stinging –  Life on a honey farm

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidding – that Butch has a great sense of humor

    Bat Manning = Peyton switches from football to baseball.

    Holiday Inning – Bing takes up basball

    Die Harding – Silent Cal attempts to give Warre pneumonia so he can move into the White House

  4. EmmettRedd says:

    Schindler’s Listing– (202) 555-1212.

  5. Heimhenge says:

    The Day the Earth Stood Stilling: The UN decrees the fundamental right to home-brewed alcohol.

  6. tromboniator says:

    West Side Storying – Peculiar Manhattan architecture along the Hudson River.

  7. Heimhenge says:

    This is fun. I think I’m hooked …

    The Breakfast Clubbing: Early morning atrocities by a cereal killer.
    Rio Bravoing: Accolades for a southwestern river.
    Jurassic Parking: Where to leave your car in the city of Bedrock.
    African Queening: The Russian world chess champion is dethroned by an upstart prodigy from Ethiopia.

  8. tromboniator says:

    On the Beaching – A video essay on the epidemic of stranded whales.

    A League of Their Owning – A group of women purchases several miles of prime real estate tracts.

  9. Ron Draney says:

    I’m really not feeling the inspiration for this one. I keep coming back to The Shininging or Good Will Huntinging.

    Best I’ve been able to come up with so far is that tale of making the best of life in a shopping center: Paul Blart Mall Coping.

  10. tromboniator says:

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidding – A blogger makes enemies by ridiculing a film festival.

    A Trip to the Mooning – Two hippies freak out when a bank manager lowers his trousers.

    A Gentle Manning – Two brothers head for stardom in the NFL, the third takes up tuba and watercolors.

  11. Heimhenge says:

    Observation: There’s an awful lot of movies with the word “man” at the end of the title, so both Peyton and Eli get a lot of “play” in this game. Follow the links in Grant’s original post and you’ll see what I mean … some of them are just too easy (e.g., Running Manning), but tromboniator’s and deaconB’s made me smile.

    Have we beat this game to death yet? No, you say? Fine. Then here’s a few more:

    American Pieing: The Soupy Sales story
    Moneyballing: Documentary about the day-to-day life of prostitutes
    Wolf Creeking: Veterinarian treats the pack’s oldest member for badly arthritic joints