alpha kitty
 n.— «I’m an Alpha Kitty: brave, intuitive, fierce, passionate and…well, yes, weird.…We love fashion—but Alpha Kitties don’t wear muzzles. (Not even when they’re made of diamonds—that’s so 20th century, dahling.) Alpha Kitties must be heard. Are you an Alpha Kitty, too? Then…meow, you’re in the right place. I see a herd of stampeding Alpha Kitties painting the world with our unique points of view. Look out, world! Yes, some people should be scared. Oh, another thing about Alpha Kitties? We’re often planted in the wrong garden when we’re younger. We’re susceptible to being surrounded and underestimated by cookie-cutter people» —by Atoosa Rubenstein MySpace May 30, 2007. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  1. Kelly Van'Do says:

    Greetings Alpha Sister,

    I love the catch phrase! We may not be so gruff but indeed we are tough, keep the good vibes flowing.

    Warm regards,


  2. Maria says:

    Passive-aggressive, insecure female. One who demonstrates the irony of self-appointed, group-based, non-conformity. (Hello Kitty, a translation: you ARE cookie-cutter). Example:
    I am an alpha kitty because I’m my own person and wear vintage clothes like Sarah Jessica Parker. We alpha-kitties pay pros to video ourselves bopping around telling you about our non-orignal selves online.

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