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  • I grew up in Huntington Beach,CA and cannot believe the way with words gang has never heard “biffed it” before. wow! I am not sure of this but there was alot of skateboarding being developed in socal when I was growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s and most assuredly i heard this phrase commonly used for when you fall down hard of your board, as in you are moving too fast and didn’t quite pull off your intended action on the skateboard. It of course was used as well when a similar fast action was attempted at any other time by someone, perhaps when they are rushing or trying to be smooth. As the years went by I certainly heard this term used frequently by others in orange county, esp the younger crowd, but I do recall some older folks using the term as well. it is quite common here! I also need to tell you, YOU CANNOT USE IT IN A POSITIVE SENSE as you did for falling in love. That sounded soooo silly!

    jason clarke, native HB’er “surf city”

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