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This newsletter was originally supposed to go out on Monday, May 12th, but our service provider had a snafu and the messages disappeared into the ether. There are a lot of creatures on planets near Alpha Centauri scratching their heads right now.

This past weekend we had a rollicking good time on the air as we talked about words we mispronounce on purpose, "around Robin Hood's barn," the military slang term "jody," and "big box stores."

Listen here:


Talking about words we say wrong on purpose sprung from a newspaper column Grant wrote:


Well-known blogger Jason Kottke, and many others, took up the idea in their blogs and lots of people admitted that they, too, said things in a goofy way just for the fun of it. More than 200 comments about it are here:


Our colleague Ben Zimmer pointed to an article where this phenomenon was discussed in 1932:


This week Martha talked about weird book titles, like "I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen." More examples:

http://thebookseller.com/news/53656-oddest-book-titles-prize-shortlist-announced .html

We also talked about "Jody cadences" used in the military. Find out what a Jody cadence looks like:



The producer of the PBS children's show "Wordgirl" played our slang quiz. The show starts its new season May 26th and goes daily instead of weekly. Get the word:


Finally, we leave you with this silly video from JibJab. It's about "big box stores."


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Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett

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