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 n.— «Maddox wore the word “Featherwood” tattooed on her wrist, a marking authorities say is associated with Skinhead activity, and sported a buzz hair cut with long, reddish-brown bangs hanging in front.» —“Police Arrest Skinheads In Racial Brawl” by Dennis McCarthy, Brent Hunsberger Portland Oregonian Apr. 2, 1997. (source: Double-Tongued Dictionary)

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  • I am a prison officer and today, I was told by the inmates about the many other groups that are found in the prison besides the commonly known arian brotherhood, or M, etc etc etc…I was told that “wood” is used as a term for a white male NOT associated with skinheads or arian brotherhood but simply a white male….they told me that I would be referred to as “featherwood”, their term for white female. Neither wood nor featherwood are in association with any skinhead groups or arian brotherhood etc.

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